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Is it just me or do you guys struggle to find a game that holds your attention for longer than a day (that isn't multiplayer) It seems that my few favorite games have spoiled all the others for me, i just can't get into them?

This is what I usually play and also my top games..
Dark Souls
Demons Souls (only reason I bought a PS3)
Half Life Saga
Portal 1+2
Metro 2033

I'm desperately trying to find a game to play until Bioshock Infinite comes out, I keep buying these single player games and they are all so corny, same cookie cutter crap every time, russians vs americans, linear to the point where it's almost insulting that they hold your hand so much or "somethings gone wrong now its turned humans to monsters and they feed on humans so shoot them" Maybe i'm just having a vent, but I seriously can't find any that are different but also look ok. I was playing singularity today and i actually got embarrassed and turned it off.

I've played multiplayer shooters to death. Any help would be appreciated, maybe a good RTS, but i've played all the supreme commanders, the decent c&c games, not quite sure if i like the look/feel of the total war games. Very confused.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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