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hi there im not sure im posting in the right area but i cant find anything about NAS in the OCN forums, so as ill be using mine for storage i put it here

just wanted to know that were the best bang for the buk NAS servers around...

what i want is to be able to put 4 hard drives and do some Raid5, and not expensive

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How much do you want to spend, do you want to put your own drives in?
Building your own will offer best bang per buck, there are a couple of lightweight linux distros which are designed for this.
I don't believe you will find any 5-bay NAS devices for less than you could build a kick-a$$ server yourself.

They are just not very popular in the consumer space, therefore, prices are high. The only reasonably-priced NAS devices are (a) 2-drive and (b) pre-configured for RAID-1 or RAID-0, and neither are implemented well..

Build a system based on a good RAID controller board (something with ICH10R) and run FreeNAS..
so inde need a small board procc ram etc...
ive been wanting to build an HTPC could i make it a 2 in 1?
could anyone give me the heads up on what kind of hardware would be the best for this?


yeah and ill be putting my own HDD in... my 3 WD640 Caviar blues and 1 more
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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