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I can't join some people's parties, I can't join some games - its so half assed.
I have all the ports open for XBL and even have DMZ enabled. Upnp is enabled also.

I cannot fix this problem.
I have my 360 connected to my computer which is then bridged with my router connection. No firewall is running to block it.

Now it's magically open again! It loves to switch between strict, open, and moderate. Sooner or later I'll be back at strict for no reason.

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Go into the router

you see the dmz settings?

enable it

go into your xbox find the ip addy and put in the last 3 numbers of the ip addy into dmz

restart xbox and nat should be open always

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If IWNet is anything like Xbox Live's NAT ...detector (right word?)... when you use upnp its best to just use DHCP instead of a static IP. With a static IP I'd always get strict but after turning it off it said open. Made no sense but I've been going along with it for quite awhile now and I've never seen it go back to strict.

The results will vary, yes, however that usually fixes it for people with moderate-strict NAT even though it's set up perfectly.

From another post I made. Works for a lot of people but I have no idea why. I'm also pretty sure that having both DMZ and UPNP on at the same time can cause some conflicts... however I don't think that's really related to this situation.

Edit: Would also like to mention, it sped up my matchmaking like you wouldn't believe. Before it would take like 5mins to find a match (always 1/50). After... it finds 17+ and only takes 20seconds to find a match.
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