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I own Natec Genesis GX88 mouse.
Yes, it's marked as gaming mouse, but I'm using it for easier control of system (I'm working in Windows 10.1803 Pro x64) and have two Qs:

Mouse supports 5 working modes and 4 DPI modes.
Working modes are fully programmable for keys (count is 11).
DPI modes are default 4 from 800x800, 1600x1600, 2400x2400 to 8200x8200.
Mouse has working mode switch, but not DPI switch.

I have programmed all keys in Mode 1 and want to add to one button working mode switch with mode selection - but how to do it by software method? No problem in programming, I need only to have any idea how to do it.
I want to use also DPI switch, again by software method - also with DPI selection.
I found in driver pre-programmed button actions Speedup 1x up to Speedup 9x - but it is not about DPI, it's about mousewheel accceleration.
Reason for DPI switch is that if anyone other works with my computer complains that mouse is near not possible use - it's too fast - I'm using highest DPI value.
So, I want to switch betwen 800x800 and 8200x8200 - but have no idea how to do it by software.

Can anybody help me with?

Thank you for all.
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