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Neat explanation of how routers operate

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I was browsing though some papers on the SANS site today and found this funny little story about routing. Written through the eyes of an excentric router named Poncho it follows his path of decption and routing rules. It's long but pretty informative and entertaining, thought I'd share if.. It's advanced, not really what you would call easy reading..

It's called "Hey Dude! I Can Do a Great Humphrey Bogart"




This paper will present a fictitious scenario wherein a router is duped into believing
an imposter is a router that is already known and trusted. As a result, his routing tables
are overwritten and traffic gets re-routed. This paper is written from the point of view of
an overworked, stressed out, grumpy router with an attitude. Throughout the paper, the
router will highlight various packets it receives, and explain how he processes them. As
the story progresses, sporadic nefarious incidents will be seen by the router. They could
be seen as hints about what is about to happen. Unfortunately, the router is not a firewall,
so his depth of view is limited, and certain security practices are not being used. At the
conclusion of the paper, the author will recommend a security option that should make
router impersonation more difficult, thereby providing an additional layer of protection

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OK? Title is wrong. How about make fun of someone? Have a ball, bump?
Interesting read, bookmarked
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nice read, i wish i had read this last week before i had to take my theory tests on networking, its not really my area, but still did ok
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