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Need 3 laptops and not sure what to get.

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OK, I have been tasked with finding 3 laptops in the $500 range. these will be used primarily for web surfing, word processing, photo editing and music. The only thing that worries me is the photo editing. That is usually RAM/CPU dependent? I have no problem adding RAM etc., I am just unsure of who (AMD/Intel) offers the best CPU in that range. Screen size doesn't matter much, but it does need to have a web cam and DVD. (which I don't think will be an issue.

I found this, which seems to be a decent deal:

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Cpu and Ram is very important for photo editing
Not personally a Gateway fan, but that would get the job done
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I got a laptop like that, except made by Toshiba and it is fantastic (my brother's christmas present, from my parents). I would check out the Toshiba at a Best Buy store though, it is like $25 cheaper and looks better IMO.
Well Intel holds equal with the new Athlon MII's CPU in that range but GMA4500 sucks doo-doo, and the Radeon 4200 will shine with Aero and photoshop.

M300 ~ T4200
4200 >>> GMA4500

The best offering is AMD for what you want. Unless you want battery life
M300's are new and hard to find though.
i found that the toshiba's satellites in that price range are pretty decent and can do all that you listed above
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