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Need a Boot Manager...

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Looking for suggestions on a good boot manager.

Need to boot:

Windows 7 x64
Vista x64 Ultimate
XP x64
Ubuntu x64 8.04

GRUB and LILO keep crapping out every time I reinstall XP or Vista so I'm looking for something a little more easy to work with.
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Not sure if is easier but you can use EasyBCD to modify the boot up list. Also works great for modifying the boot.ini if one OS does not show on the boot list. It has helped me out in dual boot issues in the past.
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Yeah, you can restore the Vista bootloader buy using the Vista disk, when you have the chance, choose Repair your Computer. Enter the Command Prompt after you select your vista install. Type:

bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /fixboot
Then use EasyBCD to add the other entries. Then when you want to get rid of them, just delete the partition and remove them from the bootmanager with EasyBCD.
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