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Need a case.

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I am looking for a case for my Micro ATX build I am about ot purchase. I was going to put it in my NZXT zero but I would like a smaller case and preferably one with a bottom mounted psu.

My budget is 150 Candaian
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Here is a really good one:Antec p180 mini
Antec makes very good cases and this is high quality. It has a very nice gunmetal finish and the inside is painted black. The psu is isolated and it also has a 200mm fan
+1 for the p180 mini. A good suggestion. It has ample space and good cooling for a micro atx.

Here is a review: http://www.silentpcreview.com/article810-page1.html
I also like the mini p180, but it is not much smaller than a standard ATX mid tower. It was only ~1 inch shorter than my old ATX case. On the other hand, it does have great airflow and cable management. All the panels are also sound insulated. If you tap on the side panels, they make a dull thud. It's so nice.
Still like the idea of small case but started thinking about it and thought maybe watercooling eventually. Is water cooling worth it? Should I invest in a larger case and have the ability to water cool?

If you think it is worth it to go with water cooling then what case would you recommend ?
If not then still open to other case options.

Black inside is definitely a bonus!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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