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need a good 3600+ motherboard

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yep, i need to buy a decent motherboard for a 3600+ i have for a friend. doesn't have to be overclockable, just reliable.
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tfroce 550 or 7025,7050 all three under 80 bucks
Another vote for the Biostar TForce boards. Reliable, and great bang for the buck. They also have a SLI version for $85 if you need it. Biostar TForce boards come with a great BIOS that gives you many options.
Get my board if he wants CF, the M2N32-SLI if he wants SLI, or a different ASUS if he wants 1 card. Yes, I am officially an ASUS fanboy.
Asus are good mobos, but I too prefer Biostar or DFI for their performance/$ ratio. If he needs VID integrated, than it's Tforce 7050, if he doesn't Tforce 550.

A nice ASUS would be the one based on AMD 690G M2A-VM which can be purchased also with HDMI (if he cares about the blu-ray playback).
DFI gets my vote for just being the best there is
tforce 550 for $60 bones FTW
get the ASUS m2n-sli deluxe .. open box for like $ 79 @newegg.com it came with everything inside!! got my 3600 to 3.0ghz
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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