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Need a good i7 PSU , modular or not?

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Im geting a somewhat new system. I'll be running an i7 920, 2x 8800gtx (5870 or 5970 in the future), some type of x58 motherboard. I'll be overcloking the cpu to probably 4.0 flat.

I have a cosmos 1000, rather large case and am looking for excellent cable management.

I was originall looking at the corsair 750hx but it's rather expensive compared to.. the Thermaltake 750w toughpower.

Im just wondering what the major difference is between the two, and how either would work with the i7 setup. And, is modular even a big deal? I'd probably be using most of the cables anyway would I not? With 2 HDD's, 2 video cards and everything else?
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Both would work. The HX750W has higher efficiency, better voltage stability, and modular cabling. The HX750W is just higher quality all around. However, the TT 750W would work fine, it's still a good PSU.
Most of my purchase decisions are based on price to performance. Honestly, I hate to say it but I'm not as worried about efficiency unless it's going to significantly lower the life on the product, I don't pay the hydro. Will it provide me with enough clean power, to last me maybe 2-3 years and the modular cabling I need to make my build look clean and sleek.

Thanks so much for your heplful response though, ! Maybe you could take a look at a thread I have up at the moment trying to fix my machine. http://www.overclock.net/graphics-ca...-cant-fix.html
Are the cables on the Thermaltake as long and as flexible as the corsair's? I'm going to be drilling holes in my case for cable management and I need to know what to go with !
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