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I have 2 computers hooked to my TV in the living room. One is a gamer and the other is the media center. I have a small Logitech k400 keyboard hooked to the media center that sits on the coffee table. The gamer has a Microsoft wireless comfort 5000 keyboard/mouse combo.

Sometimes I want to use the k400 to control the gamer so I don't have to get up, go across the room and then clutter the coffee table with a large keyboard (Microsoft) when all I'm playing is The Cave, or Rocket League or something simple like that.

I wont be using the video portion of the KVM, only the keyboard/mouse functions so that is not important (unless they need to be plugged in for the rest of the KVM to function properly. I just need a KVM (preferably cheap) that will allow me to switch back and forth with the K400 keyboard.

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