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Need a recommendation on a PSU

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I just bought a Gigabyte MA790GTP-UD3H, Phenom II x3 720BE and some Crucial DDR3 1333.

I have a 7900GTX PCIe(obviously outdated).

Is my current PSU, Antec SmartPower SP-500w, going to support this? Also when I do upgrade my GFX I want a PSU that will handle 2 cards in CrossFire without a problem.

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What two cards do you want to Crossfire?

A Corsair TX650W will do for most dual CF setups, the TX750W would give you some overhead if you do CF of really high-end stuff (5870).
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Corsair TX850W...only $99.99 after rebate with promo code EMCMNLP45

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Your current PSU can easily handle that rig with a single videocard. For Crossfire you will need a better PSU, and that will depend on your budget.

I must note that I once had an Antec Smartpower PSU and it died after 2 months. My brother also used to have 2 Antec Smartpower PSU's and one exploded and the other set on fire. Just a heads up.
I had it since forever with no problems, Im just finally upgrading from my P4 system and wanted to make sure the antec could handle it for awhile before I made some more upgrades.

Thanks guys very quick and helpful!
what ever size you get, its gotta be a corsair...
Your current PSU will do fine at the moment. Don't upgrade it until you buy that second power hungry GPU.
If u get a new one choose corsair 650 .. rock solid and silent

Originally Posted by Varjo View Post
Your current PSU will do fine at the moment. Don't upgrade it until you buy that second power hungry GPU.
Why not? Might as well get the better efficiency and voltage stability now, rather than later.
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Buying a corsair 850 today, my current PSU only has a 4 pin CPU connector and i need an 8 pin for my GigaByte.

Thanks again
I have the same Gigabyte board in one of my systems and I love it! As others have said, you are fine with the PSU you are currently using. When you do decide to go with a Crossfire setup, I would actually stick with an Antec PSU.

You get OCP (Over Current Protection) on all of the rails, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you just bought a PSU from a brand that was labeled "most reliable" not too long ago -- http://www.newegg.com/ProductSort/Ve...&articleId=653

Check out the prices here at NewEgg, I always find the best deals here - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...TabStoreType=1

Just read the facts and don't listen kiddies that say "just buy this" without anything good to back it up
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