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I am a complete noob when it comes to audio, I have always had the cheapest speakers around (aside from the Bose qc15's I found abandoned in an airport). I am finally happy with my computer as it is, and I want like to invest in some quality audio instead of graphics. I had a 670 in my cart on newegg today and somehow talked myself out of it.

I would like to be able to connect the speakers to my PC and also to a PS3 for bluray. Honestly, I don't know what I am looking for or what I need to accomplish this. I just want it to sound clear and crisp. I would like to go with a 2.1 setup or just a 2.0. I don't need to rock the house.

State your budget! $300 +$200max if it is really worth it
State your music tastes Rise Against, Thrice, Pink Floyd, The Beatles...
State what perks are highly desirable 40% gaming (BF3, Diablo 3), 40% movies/tvshows, 20% music
State what products you already have and are planning on using with your recommended item I currently have some el cheapo cyber acoustic $30 speakers that i will be throwing in the trash
State how you are going to use the item (e.g. out-and-about, at the gym, at home, PC / console, gaming, music etc).pc gaming and watching movies on the ps3
State where you live and offer some sites that are known for having good prices / being reputable so we can help recommend you products in your country's currency (like Amazon or ebay). U.S.A, don't care where from. Would only like to buy new
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