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I have a Saphire 4830, but need a single slot cooler that will allow me to use a pci express slot that its covering up.

Any suggestions. This is in an HTPC, so it doesnt have to be the best money can buy.

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Originally Posted by BURNS331 View Post
Its going into a HTPC that i need the pci e port above the card. Its a BTX case XPS 400.

Here is the card

The VRMs aren't set up like a 4850's so no possibility of using a non-modified 4850 cooler.

You might be able to get away w/ using a VF900 too. It's more of a 1.5 slot cooler than a full 2-slot IIRC.

This might work if it'll mount properly.

A hr-03 mounted so the heatsink extends over the back of the card would work too.
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