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I am just a day or two away from ordering my new computer.
I have made up my mind on everything but what memory I should go with.

First here is the system:

Coolermaster Praetorian
ThermalTake Silentpower 480W power supply
Asus A8N-E motherboard
AMD 3700+ San Deigo CPU
1 80GB hitachi SATA2 HD
2 160GB hitachi SATA2 HD in raid 0
NEC 16X DVD burner
ATI X1800 256MB PCI-E Vid card

I plan on overclock the cpu as far as I can get it to go stabily.
My intention is to go with 2GB of ram.
The ram I'm currently looking at is Muskin XP4400 dual pack 4 x512mb.
This ram is very fast and has decent timings.
My concern is running 4 sticks cause any problems with how I can configure the memory?
Do I really need PC4400 memory? I want to keep my memory sync'd with my bus. I should easily be able to hit 250mhz.

I've looked at getting 2 x1GB PC4000 memory. This would probably be fast enough for my overclocking but the timings aren't great.

Can anyone give me some advice on what the best course would be to take?
Should I just go with really good PC3200 in a 2 x1GB config with great timings? Would it effect my ability to OC my CPU?

Any input would be great!

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K im just going to do this in a list

No thermaltake PSU's. Get an ocz 520w, a seasonic, silverstone, heck even get an Ultra x-connect over the thermaltake. And stick with 500w or more.

The case is your choice, im sure you have ur reasons. But if you want a case with great cooling for overclocking, look for cases with a side port over the cpu (like mine
). This will help oodles.

The lower asus boards seem to have a problem getting over 240fsb on the ram, but that wont be important if you are getting gb sticks. If you are getting a pci-e card maybe jump up to a dfi if you really want to overclock, or an Asus premium/deluxe just one of the better boards. Heck even biostar makes great overclocking boards, they are just fruity colored.

Maybe check out some opterons in place of the san diego, a 148 can be had for the same price and theres a chance of a great overclocker.

I dunno what you are going to do with 240gb's of storage, but read reviews at newegg to find which is the best 160gb sata2 drives to get. And instead of the 80gb sata2 , just get a 74gb raptor for your games.

Get whatever dvd burner sounds good.

For the price of the x1800xl you could just get a 7800gt, the xl requires alot of patience and know how to overclock. The gt is easier and just as good. If you were going to get an xt then go for it i'd say.

O and ram. Get the ocz 1gbx2 pack . You want to get cas2 so you can loosen the timings if needed. Dont worry about pc4000, you wont be running the ram in a 1:1 ratio with the cpu if you get 2gbs. Just stick with some good cas2 pc3200.

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well it sounds like you have an ideaas to what you're going for.
I will also make a few recomendations

I'm going to second the call to not get a tt psu. All the before mentioned psus would be much better. Another option that I will suggest is the Sunbeam nuuo. 550w w/ dual 12v rails. I just bought one for my bro's ring and installed it a couple days ago. It is very stable, looks good and is powerful. Not as quiet or efficient as my Seasonic S12-600 though.

Again, the DFI boards will be better for overclocking than the Asus boards. The problem mentioned with the RAM over a htt of 240 is with the command rate. they are unable to run a 1T command rate over 240Mhz.

I think the memory is the place where you need to make the most change in your system. running 4x512 will be worse than 2x1gb when overclocking. Even though the 1gb sticks don't have as good of timings you will be able to make up for it by running a 1T command rate. You HAVE to run 2T if you have 4 sticks of RAM and 4 sticks will put more of a stress on your cpu's memory controller than 2 sticks will. so even if you buy 4 sticks of pc4800 you will most-likely not get as high of a 1:1 OC as you would with 2 1gb sticks of pc4000. That's just the way it works.

A couple suggestions for the RAM are as follows.
OCZ platinum PC4000. this is the best overclocking 1gb sticks you can buy. They will OC to probably somewhere between DDR550 and DDR600.
next choice would be some g.skill extreme pc3200 (light blue ones) they have been known to get to about DDR550.

The OCZ cost about 300 a pair on newegg and the g.skills cost about 200. Both options would probably give you better performance and a higher OC... all while costing less money. The money you save from the RAM you can use to get a better mobo and/or a better psu.

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Yea, at any cost dont get 4 sticks of memory, get a 2x1G kit. Better performance, and in the long run you will be happier..
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