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need advice for upgrade

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hello i'm newbie for water cooling

currently i have this WC setup

rad: EK CoolStream 120 + yateloon
wb: EK Supreme HF
res: Thermaltake SR100
pump: Thermaltake P500

and i'm planning to add one more loop to vga

1. for radiator which is better, 360 rad or 280?
for 360

for 280

2. and for pump which is better?
EK DPC 4.0

or Swiftech MCP355

3. and for vga block, is universal block okay without using any ram sinks ?

4. and one last question, which is i should buy first? pump or rad?
for now i'm okay with performance of p500

thanks before and sorry for my bad english
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Originally Posted by Stripedown;14199614
1. 360 is better, altough if you want a high performance rad you shouldnt get an EK but BlackIce or something.
2. EK DPC 4.0 (the swiftech only says 454 lph o_O)
3. no, either get universal+ram heat sink or a full cover block
4. rad
any suggest for 360?

is this okay?

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