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Need Advice LG Flatron E2441 Screen Goes Black!

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I have a 660 TI and a LG Flatron as the thread name says, now i was watching youtube and my screen went black, turned off the screen it went back to normal. Now sometimes in games when i start them up, i need to turn off the monitor and bam turn it back on it goes back to normal, but sometimes i have to click a few times for the monitor light and monitor itself to switch off, in this case when i was browsing this never happened, also ive never witnessed a black screen when browsing, could my monitor be faulty should i RMA it, i am so far not a big fan of LG, i used to have a old Ben Q and it worked fine so im not sure which one it is, but im defiantly thinking its not my GPU.
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So things are working if you turn it off and on a time or two? That hardly qualifies as an issue that "needs help ASAP". Please use a title that is reflective of the actual nature of your issue.

Try feeding the monitor from your integrated graphics. You have HDMI on both your monitor and motherboard. See if that changes anything when you fire up a game.
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