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Need advice on how to upgrade older computer IDE HD

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I have a custom built computer from 2002 that I want to make improvements to, it transfers large files very slowly, it only has IDE HD connectors, and I think the IDE drive may fail soon.

I have added the max amount of memory the computer can take. I figure my next step is to get a new HD, but I am not sure what would be the best approach:
-I could get a new IDE HD (current one has 2mb buffer, newer ones have 8mb)
-I could get a PCI SATA card, and use a SATA drive

The PCI is 33mhz, so that limits the HD speed, correct? Does it limit it to the point that I am better off sticking with an IDE drive? Would there be any improvements using a 3Gbs Sata over a 1.5?

This computer is used solely to operate a large drum scanner, which connects via a scsi PCI card. The scanner is used to make files that are from 500mb to 2GB. Will it change the performance of a HD connected via PCI, considering the scanner is also on the PCI bus? (sorry if PCI bus is the wrong term, I am new to PCs and new to trying to change a computers components)

Also, if you have any info on what would speed up the transfer of large files that would be great!!

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me!!

Computer specs:
Tyan Motherboard S2099
2 IDE cables (each one has 2 IDE ports)
1 34-Pin floppy drive cable
1 AGP Pro slot (holds the graphics card)
Five 33MHz 32-bit (5-volt) PCI slots (four are filled)
2GB 184-pin 2.5v DDR DIMM PC2100/1600 DDR memory
Windows XP prof
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pci (33Mhz * 4 bytes = 133MBytes/sec) can still keep up with the fastest sata drive.

the sil3114 based pci cards are around $15
I would consider a SATA RAID card and maybe go with a RAID 0 +1 or RAID 5 to increase performance. If you are not concerned with data loss from a drive failure then raid 0 would be the the fastest and cheapest route.
For a Raid, I would just need to get a PCI SATA card that has a Raid controller; It uses regular SATA drives?

will it slow things down if I am running everything off the PCI slots

The documentation on my mobo mentions IDE Raid
Integrated IDE RAID
• Promise PDC20276 bus-master controller
• Dual-channel ATA -133 IDE RAID
• Supports up to 4 ATA-133/100/66 IDE drives
• Supports RAID Levels 0, 1
o and since you already have 4 thing on your pci bus mind you pci shares its lanes were as pci express and agp dose not so a controller may become bottlenecked
Well after looking at your mobo specs then you could upgrade to an IDE RAID without buying an additional card. It will not be quite as fast as a SATA RAID but it will be a definite upgrade to your current setup.

IDE single drive < SATA single < IDE RAID < SATA RAID.
I would be hesitant to put any money into that set-up. What type of budget do you have and where do you live? It would also help to add your system specs in under the user cp tab at the top of the page.

What types of things do you use your PC for? What large files are you transferring?
I put info on my system into my CP. My budget is very small, this computer is for a nonprofit. It is used with a drum scanner to generate large image files (tiffs). All it is used for is generating the files through the scsi PCI connected scanner, and then transfering the files to another computer.

Why would you not put any money into the setup, is it that behind technology?
How would I set up an IDE Raid?
The setup if from 2002, that should tell you how far behind it is in technology
Technology doubles every 18-24 months. I wouldn't put any money into it, I have a rig that I built in 2002 also. I think I fried the processor (2.4Ghz), so I built a new one.
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