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Hey OCnet,

One of my friends is having to build a computer for a class they are taking at school, kind of a hands-on thing. They offer a package for like $300 through a local PC shop but, of course it is ****. =)

I convinced her to spend aroudn $400-ish. I was going to go with a build from another hardware site but after I started looking I newegg a bit, I found out I could do a lot better for not much more.

This does not need to include a graphics card or monitor. I'm giving her a MSI 1gb 4830. Pretty badass little card. She's gonna take care of the monitor separately.

I love AMD even though I'm running an i7 right now. =) But I fell in love with this heka on newegg, looks fast, fun to teach her about overclocking with, and possibly have some fun with unlocking the 4th core.


So, I'm basically looking for advice on a quality overclocking MB for this chip, memory (I'd like 2x2gb 1600 9-9-9-24, 1.5v etc, I found a decent set of Kingston on newegg, but I haven't gotten memory in a while so not sure..., thinking maybe 2x1gb 1600 with some sick timings might be better?), and a quality heatsink on the cheap.

I was gonna get an Antec 300 for it as well, is there a better, cheaper option? Oh yeah, need a power supply too. =)

Any other comments / suggestions are appreciated.


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Well, since I can't be bothered to read this entire post right now (not feeling too well)....

I can recommend you a case. Look into the NZXT Beta EVO
. They're about the same price as the Antec, but a lot more room inside, better cable management, and a LOT more fan options
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