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Need confirmation that PHII not compatible with my Mobo.

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I have the biostar A770 A2+, in my sig rig. I tried doing some research, and tried to look extensivley in the biostar website to see if it supports PHII cpus and I can not find anything.

could anyone please confirm that my mobo does not have PHII support

its the AMD770 Chipset with the SB600.

linky to cpu support http://www.biostar-usa.com/app/en-us...t.php?S_ID=321
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if it doesnt say that it does, it probably doesnt, maybe down the road with a bios flash
hopefully, good thing I have an asus M3A-H/HDMI in my secondary rig, I know thats AM3 ready, and I already did the bios flash. its all good its time I do a mobo swap anyway, that Asus board is so much better than this biostar board.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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