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Need desperate help w/ GTX 260

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I have an XFX GTX 260 c216.

I have overclocked it to 680/1466/1251.

Now here's my problem: apparently these chips have something called powersaving, where if its not in a 3D application it drops the frequencies to save power, and its supposed to put them back to maximum during 3D use (i.e. games)

Unfortunately, my card refuses to return to max frequency during 3D games.

It just sits there at 300/600/100.

I have the newest drivers and ntune and I even put into nTune, under Manage 3D Settings>Power Management Mode>Prefer Maximum Performance.

I don't know if that option is related to this or not.

Anybody have a solution to this problem?
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I had the same problem, when i rolled back drivers the problem was fixed. Most likely software related
Yeah try the GPU at stock to see if you get the same symptoms first. If you do than you can use rivatuner to force 3d clocks all the time. If you dont than it means the OC is unstable with the newer drivers. My 275 does the same thing, so I had to settle for a lower OC.
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