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Need GPU for triple monitors HDMI.

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Hello, a friend of mine needs a GPU that will support triple monitors connecting through HDMI. I was thinking to get him a GTX 760 4GB (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130944) and get two DVI to HDMI adapters.

What he needs, wants, and uses it for:
NEEDS triple HDMI (monitors he bought only support HDMI)
Wants the latest technology
Uses it for non-gaming purposes (excel, surfing, maybe movies)

The only thing I'm worried/not sure about is the memory interface, video memory, and multiple adapters.

Will he need more than 256-bit memory interface? What is this benefit from going from 256-bit to 512-bit? I'm pretty sure 4GB vram is enough for 3-1080p monitors, but making sure. Lastly, will anything mess up using two DVI to HDMI adapters and does the GTX 760 support triple monitors?
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If he isn't gaming on the 3 screens, a 2GB version would be just fine. Also, most cards do not have 3 separate hdmi connections but in the 760's case, two dvi to hdmi adapters will work just fine. There is no loss in image quality. Only thing I think lost would be audio which wouldn't make sense to have anyways.

I myself run 3 screens off my 670 2GB, and it works great even for heavy loads like gaming.
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