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What programs should I get for benchmarking and OCing?
So far I have gotten HDTune, RivaTuner and 3DMark03,05,06 (didn't know if I needed just one of them or not).

Get Orthos for CPU testing and Memtest for the memory

What are the best programs/apps to monitor temps and CPU usage?
Something useful on my desktop or during gaming? It'll be for Vista 64.
Not sure about this one but I use Coretemp for my q6600. I am not sure what the best is for the I7

While using Raid0, if one drive fails, the other drive is still usable correct?
If 1 drive fails in a RAID0 setup then your RAID is dead. You can format the still good drive and use it as a stand alone drive but all info on the drive from the array will be gone.

I'm aware that in raid0, if a drive fails you lose all your data. Which brings me to my next question.

Is there a way to backup OS/OS settings to a CD or could I just use my WD external HD to backup OS and programs? If so, what format does the external have to be in?

Backing up an OS is pointless imo. reinstalling an OS is not that hard and it will give you a fresh install to work with. It is a better idea to backup your important stuff like music, important docs or anything you don't want to lose. BUT if you really want to backup your entire HDD then you could just make an image of the drive with Norton Ghost or a similar program after you get all your drivers and programs installed.

Currently my ext drive is in FAT32. Do I need it in NTFS? How do I change it?
No need to change the file system of your thumb drive.

Is there a certain program that I could use to make it easier to backup important info/files, or do I just burn everything to a CD?
See above answer

Will I be able to backup games from Steam onto a CD and later reinstall them or just download the game again from the site? (sorry never used Steam before)
You can re-download steam games when you get the steam app reloaded.

I hope this helps some

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Originally Posted by JustMarioBros View Post
So basically just replace the dead drive, and then I can go ahead an redo the raid0 setup?

Thanks for the help.
Yes, you can replace the dead drive and then create your new array.
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