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need help building rig!!!

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I do graphic design and 3D animation/video/special effects (and some gaming on the side) and might need a stronger rig for more of the heavy lifting. (PLUS its black fridayish so riding that wave...)
Its my first rig and this is what i got so far. I will be doing some mild overclocking so i probably wont be doing much for cooling as of now.

i7 920
Asus P6T Deluxe II? (Rampage II is just an extra $5 for the combo on Newegg at the moment...TEMPTING but i think thats overkill imo... iono)
2x Caviar Black 750GB 7200RPM (planning on RAID0)
ATI sapphire 5850 (When theyre back in stock...)
GSkill DDR3 3x2GB 1600
antec nine hundred (FOR $60 YESS)
Not sure about PSU yet... any suggestions?

So thats what i got so far... havent bought anything yet and wanted to bring it before a panel =] any help would be welcome ty in advance.
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a 650 or 750-watt should be plenty for that build with ample oc'ing. the rest of the build looks good!

Originally Posted by daynee
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hmmm i think ive decided on the corsair 650W

Or the modular 620HX?
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awesome thx for the input guys =D
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