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Hi all. Currently I have a cheap TP-Link SG1005+ switch and it's terrible. You get what you pay for and this thing was only 10 Euro's or about 15 USD. Speeds can and do vary at times between 20 and 80MBps. Sometimes I need to reset it several times before I get speeds over 50MBps, which is ridiculous and as I sometimes copy large amounts of data to and from my NAS this is unacceptable.

Please recommend me a decent but not too expensive switch, please. I don't need a WiFi router as my TP-Link one works just fine for my needs. As I usually only have two phones connected to it it doesn't need to be that powerful, which is why I'm more interested in a good switch.

I would prefer it to be an 8 port as I will add more systems to the network in the future.

Thanks a lot for the help.
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