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need help choosing.

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ok. so im getting ~$1800 back from taxes.

and im having trouble deciding between getting a Macro lens or a fisheye lens.

i have a Nikon D40 so it will need to be compatible with it.

willing to spend up to $700 on a lens.

so fellow OCN photographers. help me out. opinions and recommendations on what lens to get for my camera.
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Are you every going to actually use the fisheye? It's a neat effect, but not really useful and you'll probably just get bored with it after a couple dozen shots.

As for which lens, every Nikkor lens after 1977 will work on your body, but only AF-S lenses will Auto Focus.

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i used to take alot of concert pics. and would like to get back into that. its pretty much the only reason why i would use the fisheye. but i do agree with you that a macro would have more uses than the fisheye.
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