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Need Help- CPU Fan error

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Just finished my Sig build and attempted to POST, got the error beeps so I hooked up the monitor and saw it was just the CPU fan error. My scythe came with the slipstream PWM fan which I connected to the mobo in the pull position on my cooler. I connected the San Ace (in push-fab'd my own clips) and all other fans up to the case controller.

Fans are all running good but the CPU fan is showing in the BIOS at only 530ish RPM's. So it's throwing out the error due to the low RPM's but CPU temp is only 37 degrees, so thats fine. I looked arounf the net and saw that this does not seem to be uncommon but could not ascertain the solution as advice was all over the board. I wanted to keep the fan on the PWM to utilize some "smart" cooling so disabling/moving the fan to case controller is not preferred.

Wondering if the mobo is causing the fan to spin slow or it's a fan problem. Only have the one 4 pin fan so don't know if i can test one of the 3 pins. Any help figuring out how to identify which is to blame would be greatly appreciated. Included pics of config and errors.
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how is the fan powered. there are 3pin and 4pin fan connectors. some are more powerful then others.
It's the 4 pin connector PWM. In the first pic you can see the slipstream in pull config and the connection to the mobo at the top in the 4pin CPU fan.
If you disable smart cooling in BIOS, does the fan speed increase or stay the same?
I would just set the biosUEFI to ignore the cpu fan speed. Then just set it up to be controlled by software in OS.
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