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need help creating a file server

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Ok, I'm completely new to the server area but I'm determined to get one going. I have a 3 year old decent computer that i want to turn into a file server so i can access files from school, a friends house, or anywhere that has a internet connection. I got windows server 2008 R2 installed on it and it runs fine but i am so lost and i think I'm in over my head here.

Does anyone know of a good guide or can help me out? ive been searching for a few hours now and haven't found anything basic enough that could help.

thanks in advance
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do you have an even slightly respectable upload on your home connection? most people with "fast" internet connections only have an upload of 256kbit/s-512kbit/s at which point your average 5MB/s MP3 would take 160-80 seconds to transfer if able to use your entire upload...

that's 6-3 hours for a 700mb file...

install an ftp server like filezilla... forward the port you use in your router... done...

2008 server isn't going to make your computer a server... unless you configure it... and the level of skill required isn't worth the end result and possible security risk.
my speed is 15mbit down 5 up so that should be fine?

and is filezilla a program or a OS ?


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Easy nice customisable way would be HFS, I personally use it, aswell as Filezilla.
ok i set up filezilla but what do i put in the host part when i connect to the server i made?
What's your knowledge of networking concepts?

If you set up Filezilla properly, the host is your internet address or URL if you're connecting from an external client. If you're testing internally on your LAN, the host is the local IP or hostname of the system running Filezilla host.
I dont really know what im doing... i followed the guide and porforwarded it... but i dont know the url of the filezilla server i made? i just did the defaults.
I think, for what you need to do, your installation of Server 2008 R2 is probably overkill. You could do what you need with a base installation of Windows XP Professional. All those suggested 3rd-party programs, such as Filezilla, will run fine on XP.

Anyways, as I mentioned, the "Host" is the system you're connecting to. If you're on the same physical network as the Host, you need the Host IP address, or the host name, in order to connect.

If you're trying to connect from a computer on the internet, you're going to need the IP address assigned to you by your ISP. You can register your own domain name against this IP address, but that's beyond the scope of your question.
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Thanks com, havent got it to work yet but i have to go to work so ill try again later.

enjoy some rep
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You may need to double-check the firewall settings on the computer that you installed Filezilla on. Windows Server 2008 R2 installs with the firewall enabled - chances are, you either have to (1) completely disable the firewall, or (2) make an exception for the Filezilla executable, or (3) allow an exception for Port 21.

I think in your case, the easiest would be to just completely disable Windows Firewall.
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Got it to work
! Had to turn the firewall completely off. Thanks com
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