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Need help finding Driver for Cobra E-blue mouse

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Hi there, I got this cheap gaming mouse from E-blue and I like it so far. However, the product did not come with any drivers and there doesn't seem to be any drivers on the manufacturers website.



I tried searching around on the web and I am having trouble finding it. The reason i need the drivers is that on Win 7 it seems the mouse's forward and back buttons are switched. Also, is there a manual way to switch these buttons without additional software in windows?


I found the drivers here:


However, it seems no matter what is set it to, the mouse 4 and 5 buttons are still switched even when trying to change what they do in the drivers. Any help is appreciated.

edit 2:

I fixed it! Problem solved
. I had to go get a different program called "X Mouse Button Control" then manually set the buttons.

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