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I'm probably going to RMA my HD 5850 this week and I've flashed it to ASUS bios so I need to flash it back to XFX Bios.

When I flashed my bios I used this guide:


I even used the same bios since somebody told me it would work (it did).

The problem is now that my XFX Bios comes in a .bin file and not a .rom file like the Asus.rom. When I try to flash it I pressed:

atiflash -f -p 0 xfx5850...bin

And it gave me Error 0F01

I downloaded the XFX 5850 Bios right off Techpower's website and I don't know how to flash my card back to XFX Bios.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Step it out for me please

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Originally Posted by jshay View Post
Make sure you can see the extension on your desktop. This is set by default. Simply change the name/extension from .bin to .rom. See my previous post. I added a link.
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