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Hi Guys!

Pre-History: So I did the Impossible and I actually bought a Pre-Built Computer by "Armoury" and I'm surprisingly Satisfied Overall since I was expecting Tons of Bundled Software to be Pre-Installed...
Basically that was the only way I could afford a New Tower AND Most Importantly a New Monitor (Acer Nitro XV272U) since my Older one (Viewsonic VP2560WB) was Having Backlighting Problems like Flickering, etc...
I HAD to change Monitor and it just didn't feel right to Invest Money in another 1080p/1200p Monitor since it's pretty much about to disappear rather soon...
So I Put more money towards a good 1440p Screen AND a Surprisingly Well Built Pre-Built Computer...

Because I was Sick and Tired of Lashing Out at the Inanimate Object that is my 17" "Piece of Garbage" Dell Laptop with an Old Intel Core i7-3630QM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M (2GB GDDR5), 120Gb SSD and 8Gb DDR3...(I've Dreamed of Throwing that POS as HARD as I Can for A LONG Time! So Many Times I Got That Mad Because of the Slowness but Mostly when it would STALL Completely because of Intel's "Great" Thermal Throttling...If it's having a tough time running at 3GHz, of Course It'll STALL Once "Thermal Throttling" Comes On and it goes Down to a Pesky 500MHz!!!

Anyways, Onto the Real Things...

Actual Thread: So I have a Rather Good PC for now...
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (4Gb GDDR6) [Core:1410MHz, Memory:6000MHz, 128Bits Bus Width]
Only 8Gb RAM, Can't remember what Brand (But I remember being Impressed that they didn't just Stick the Cheapest RAM and Call it Good...) So it's good Quality but it's only 2400MHz CL17-17-17-39-56-1T...
Lexar 500Gb M.2 NVME Drive
And even a Separate Intel or Qualcomm Wi-Fi Card...

Basically I'm just looking for things that I should Upgrade in the Future...(Pretty much in the same order I would be Upgrading things since some things are more pressing than others...)

I'll also need more than 8Gb of Memory, but I'm not sure if I should just buy another 8gb of the same stuff, or Buy Memory with Faster Speeds and/or Better Memory Timings? (And Should I go with 16gb Matched sticks or 32gb Matched Sticks if you Recommend a Complete Upgrade...After all

I also know I'll need a better Motherboard that's for sure, which one though I have no Idea!

And a Better Graphics Card Down the line...When Prices come down...Also since my Monitor is Mainly Freesync and only G-Sync Compatible, would I be better with an AMD or NVIDIA Graphics Card?

Also, It Might be a Good Idea for me to make a HDD Raid Array for Data Redundancy and if Possible, better Transfer Speeds too. (Though seeing the number of Dead Hard-Drives I have on my Hands, would Using SSD's make it more secure as well as more durable and at the same time more Secure?)

After All That, I'll Probably Start Looking for a Better Processor Too!

And I'm sorry to say but even though I was a Computer Builder "Pro", It Saddens me to say that I'll need Recommendations for pretty much everything...(Big Thanks in Advance!)

Keep in Mind that I'll probably be buying used since this is for a "Future Build" like when the prices (or Worth, depending how you see things...) Come Down Enough, Then I'll buy!
So In 2-3 Years after they Change/Come Out with a New Socket After AM4, I'll start buying everything I'm recommended in here...

Don't exaggerate if it's not needed, but even though I'm on Budget, I Think/Hope that I'll be able to Upgrade to Pretty Much FutureProof myself for a LONG Time!
That's my Goal Anyways!

Many Thanks,

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Well you should get faster ram but other than that there is nothing wrong here.

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What PSU is in that system pre-builds often have crap PSU´s in them and is therefore the first thing that should be replaced
As for RAM 2400 MHz is a huge bottleneck for the CPU and Asus says the motherboard can run 3200 MHz RAM

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Just get more RAM and faster RAM. After that there's a possible GPU upgrade if you find a good deal. The rest of the system is fine. Don't upgrade motherboard, it won't give you any gains and will only make your wallet thinner. RAID 0 isn't recommended, but RAID 1 is fine. If you want more SSD performance, then disable CPU C states, it can improve 4K write and read performance up to 70%. Also leave that CPU alone, it will be fine for 5 years or so, basically it will last you until it's no longer to upgrade your system. As for future-proofing, it doesn't exist. Companies perpetually make faster components, your components eventually wear out, at some point your computer will plummet in value and in reliability. The only way to "future-proof" your PC is to just buy what you need. Not too little and not too much. And at certain point you will be either forced to adjust your expectations of what you machine can do or just upgrade. 32GB RAM may be a smart choice, but only because buying 16GB now and 32GB later when it's cheap, actually costs nearly the same as just getting more now. And after rest of your components become slow, RAM capacity is what keeps your PC from really big performance reductions. However, this mostly applies after a decade or more of using that same computer and abandoning gaming altogether.

This video still holds up in terms of explaining why future-proofing fails:
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