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Hi overclock.net Team,
This is my first own build and im looking for any help with OC since i have never done it.

My system,
OCZ Agility 3 120GB + 120GB backup drive
Asrock Z77 Extreme4
i5 2500k with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo,
Kingston Hyper X 8GB of DDR3 Ram which can be run at 1600mhz,
and my HD7850 from PowerColor which has 2GB.

So now my motherboard came with some cool OC program not that i know how to use them but they look pretty user friendly but i have been playing around with stuff in the bios since i got told thats better....
So i played around with my GHz put it up to 4.0 and then 4.4 and back down again, Change my LLP or PPL
to level 1 and now i wanted to set my Vcore Voltage so everybody seems to be saying different stuff about it....
Firstly i wanted to ask if i should leave it on auto or set it?
If set, i did some research and someone said at 4.4 i should have the Vcore at about 1.115 now i did that and ened up with a blue screen, put i back on auto but now im scared to play around more because i don't want to break anything.
So i was wandering if anybody could tell me a setup which works from experience??
Are there any other things i should change adjust ect.?? Must i leave turbo boost on??

On a different matter i think my ram is running at 1333 is there a way to push it to 1600MHz since the ram does support it.
Also how do i create the ram section on my HDD since i deactivated it on my SSD.

Im also looking for a program which can determine the average Vcore voltage over a period of time.

Im looking foreword on replies and im thankful in advance!

PS: whats Poll??

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every chip is going to be different. Dont worry about frying your CPU unless your vcore is above 1.4. On my 2500k i have it set at 1.36ish and it is running stable at 4.6ghz but can be pushed to 4.8 with a bit higher vcore. I dont like running it that high because the stability suffers a bit. when it is set to auto it is probably pushing your vcore higher than 1.115 by a fair amount. Just takes some tuning. And like i said dont worry so much about vcore just keep an eye on temps and dont let it get above 80or so if you are worried

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Like crystalhand said, each chip will be different.

1.115V for 4.4 GHz is pretty low so that is probably why you got a BSOD. Just keep your temps (under 80 C to be safe) and voltage (under 1.4V) at a reasonable level for now until you know what you are doing and you won't break anything.

You could try setting your multiplier at 44 again for 4.4 GHz and trying something like 1.34 V for your Vcore. Do a Prime95 stress test and if it's stable (12 hours Prime run is a pretty good indicator of stability) you can try lower the vcore by 1 or 2 levels and try again. Rinse and repeat. If it's not stable, then try up the vcore.

In any case you should probably do some more reading about this. Check the Sandy Stable Club link in my signature. There is a wealth of information there for overclocking Sandy Bridge. Good luck
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