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Need Help on a CPU Loop!

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Alright, its been a while and I have been out of the WC scene, I now have a Q6600 that is doing 3.6GHz at 1.360v and I know it has more potential but my xiggy isn't cutting it.

If someone could do a build for me under $200 for just a CPU loop I would be thrilled!
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DROP DROP DROP that vid .. lol Otherwise your chip wont last 3 years.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...nc.-_-35108105 + you can keep the parts if you upgrade in the future.

Originally Posted by RyanRacer48
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DROP DROP DROP that vid .. lol Otherwise your chip wont last 3 years.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...nc.-_-35108105 + you can keep the parts if you upgrade in the future.

What's wrong with 1.360 for a 65nm chip? The generally accepted safe maximum for 45nm chips is 1.3625V. Anyway, I'll give this build a try and report back shortly...

Edit: How about this?

You still need fans, a t-line or reservoir of some sort and maybe some other accessories depending on how you want to mount it, but the main stuff is there.
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My vid is 1.5 right now you can push 1.6 with water on these chips.
What is wrong with 1.360v? I have seen people with 1.55 going through their chip and I have run an E1200 at 1.55v with no problems for 2 years, this isn't a 45nm quad
One of these..Bonnie.They are pretty free flowing and each one cools about like a 320 Swifty when you use decent cfm fans on them. The Bonnie rad calc is here..Several New Radiator Estimator Spreadsheets - Overclock.net

I'd use some decent medium cfm fans on them...Pana 86 cfm

You can get them and add your own barbs if you like, they used to be about $25 each at auto parts stores. It would probably be just as cheap to get them from DD.

..Barbs for heatercore? - fstfrddy

I wouldn't cheap out on the pump...D-5 Vario

Then a decent block...D-tek Fuzion V2

That should be close to $200 and would be a real good OC'ing loop.

The heater core rads you really need to use a shroud on because the fan would just set up against it flat without one. DD sells a real thin shroud for it, its half the price of the core to, I'd just make one, its cheaper and you can set your fan off it a 1.5" or so for a little better cooling.

How To: Build A Performance Shroud

Easy to make Shroud for the Bonnie

How to make a dual heater core fan shroud...

If you want to pretty it up a little..How to: Paint your heater core *with pics!*
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NP Man. The Bonnies are pretty free flowing, I wouldn't hesitate to run two of those in series at all with a D-5 vario on a CPU loop. They would cool about like 2-Swifty 320's or BIP 360's in series. lots of cooling power. I doub't you'll need it just for a quad but later on you might if you add more blocks. I'd add fans in a push-pull on a single Bonnie before adding another one anyway. Hey if it still didn't get you cool enough you would already have the fans for the second Bonnie..

Almost everyone I know out in the real world that is still WC"ing are using Bonnie's. Rads are more about bling then anything, that and there easier to mount. You can get nylon all thread rod and mount HC's almost anywhere like that, or just long zip-ties, or just make a rad box and put them out of sight.
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Well I will be going with a combo of Ira's setup and my own ideas.

I got an awesome deal on a block and I will be getting one of the D-Tek DB-1 pumps and a Bonny HC. For benching rather than buying a separate DICE pot I am going to just put my HC in a bucket of ice water, I know this can cause condensation but I am going to prepare for that
Looks like you've got solid advices already. As for the vcore on the q6600 you have nothing to worry about. Especially if you are gonna put it under water. Good luck
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