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Need Help On E7200 !!

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i have bought Asus P5Q and E7200. i am new in this overclocking matter so dont know anything about it !!

can anyone tell me how to do it ??
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First thing I would do is read the stickies. Start with this one. http://www.overclock.net/intel-cpus/...ing-guide.html

I'm sure there will be plenty of members here to spoon feed you but IMO you should read first then ask questions later. You'll actually learn a thing or two beforehand and understand what members tell you.
Welcome to the site, well rest assured you have two great components for overclocking!

Here is your new Bible: The Intel Overclocking Guide


What is overclocking?

Firstly, it is currently the mostly widely used word that does not appear in the English dictionary. Secondly, it is operating hardware (particularly CPU, RAM, motherboard, and video card) above and beyond rated specs. Rated specs are the level to which a particular piece of hardware is expected to, has been tested to, and is warranted to perform. What this equates to in the real world is a certain price tag for a certain level of expected performance. Overclockers strive to determine not what hardware should do, but what can do.
it would also help to fill out this form with your system specs


it will show up below the signature part
thanks for the overclocking guide. i am trying now !!
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i have done it a little bit !!

here is the Cpu-z information:


But vista is showing:


Should i go for more overclocking????
update cpu-z maybe?
I would trust cpuz over vista, i saw someone who had their q6600 show up as 21ghz, so maybe you underclocked your cpu
you picked a good chip for ocing though
ehhh. Before you start doing some serious overclocking you might want to change that stock Intel cooler for an aftermarket one. Stock coolers are not capable to handle the increased temperatures that come with overclocking.
i am using the latest cpu-z !!

but cpu-z is showing "2106.04 MHz (351.01 * 6)" .....

but my vista is showing 3.33 GHZ !! that means according to vista it should be around 3409 MHZ !!

but cpu-z is showing 2106.04 !! whats wrong?????????????

My Asus AI Suite is showing these figures !!

1. http://i34.tinypic.com/2zg6a9k.jpg
2. http://i33.tinypic.com/243oifr.jpg

i think i have clocked only 1 core !!
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wow thats strange. heres what u should do, go to ur bios make sure the .5x multiplier is locked on (i think its enabling n2 and make sure its set to 9.5) and then set your fsb/memory ratio to 1:1 so it won't clock your memory passed stock speeds and set your FSB to 350 and see if that posts correctly
Make sure you have speed stepping disabled in the BIOS, also the OS won't take a lowered multiplier into consideration if you use it to check for the clock speed. CPUz should be more accurate. The default multiplier on the E7200 is 9.5, which you may want to manually set in the bios. Also set the voltage to 1.28-1.38v, instead of using auto.
yeah, he def has intel speed step on. you need to turn it off.
Speed step will drop the E7200 multiplier to 6x down from 9.5x to save power.
turn off speedstep(EIST),TM2 and other such power saving features!!
ok...thanks....i am trying..
WHAT THE HELL !! still showing two different figure !!


i have set

CPU ratio settings - 9.5
fsb strap to north bridge - 300 ! then it should be 300*9.5 =2850 MHZ !! but showing 1800.17 MHz !!

and i have not found Speed step option !!
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i dont have any experience w/ ASUS BIOS/boards though, usually it'll be under power saving features or something like that!
ASUS bios SU*** :x ..in the manual ..there is shown a option under advance menu "intel speedstep tech"...but when i am in the bios i have found no option like that under advance menu !! and i am using the latest version of bios !!
Load Line Calibration = Enabled
CPU Spread Spectrum= Disabled
PCI-E Spread Spectrum = Disabled

Put your Ram ratio to 1:1
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