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Need help on P4P800 DELUXE

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I'm trying to push it up as high as possible just for fun.
With quite normal setting with just v-core 1.725 and ram at 333, I could post upto 3.02 out of Northwood 1.8A.

It properly enter windows, and I can use IE. But it fails memtest. So far memtest passes only at 2.84.

So I want to work on other settings in CMOS such as ram performance, dram refresh, dram idle time. May I have more information on those settings?

Concerning basic ram timing, I assume that by spd setting is ok since I use DDR400 PC3200 dual channel of 1G.

Any comment is appreciated.
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go to the bios where it says Chipset config.. something like that...
Then the first option is something about RAM... its enabled... so disable it... and then you can configure the RAM timings...
i just did that 3 minutes ago... im fine
i guess...

I would also recomand not to raise your vcore for now... let it [auto]


Overclocking just for fun isn't realy wise... please download speedfan to monitor your temps..

One more thing... if you can't run a game at 3.0Ghz... its the PSU... (2oow)..
kinda low for overclocking...
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i would say that ur oc right about now is already quite high so u might want to be careful especially with ur temps. what are your current temps?

another thing, if u want to oc ur ram settings u have to set ur ram to manual from SPD. then adjust the timings and latency.
Idle temp is about 25. Full load is around 35. I'm writing this with 3.02(fsb 168). As I said, there is not much trouble with IE but apprently fails memtest. Currently ram timing is 3-4-4-8-4 which I guess the loosest one. Also dram idle time at 'infinate', dram refresh at 64.

I wonder which will be better, loose or fasten since I have ddr400 pc3200 dual channel 1G ram with FSB 400 cpu, Northwood 1.8A.

Originally Posted by cyrixMII300
if u want to oc ur ram settings u have to set ur ram to manual from SPD.
That's what I was looking for... (the name of it...)
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Please post screenies of the two RAM tabs from CPU-Z. I'm guessing you're running a pretty hefty divider, or else your RAM would not be limiting you (CPU stock is 100 MHz, RAM stock is 200 MHz). In your BIOS, try selecting something slower than DDR400). Something in the neighborhood of DDR266 should work pretty well for maxxing out your CPU. Once you find the CPU's limit, then test the limits of the RAM.
I assume that combination of ddr266 and fast timing might work. But with auto timing (by spd), only ddr333 gives POST.
Here are the spec of two memory sticks shown in CPU-Z.
With FSB 168 (3.02), I wonder what I can work on ram timing. Could I make combination of DDR266 and fast timing in CMOS since now only DDR333 with AUTO timing passes POST.
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Take a screeny of the memory tab in CPUZ, that way we can also see what your ram is at right now.

I know the ram I had in my old system didnt like posting with high overclocks unless it was running as 266 with tighter timings.
As I expected and you mentioned, I could make it post at lower v-core with DDR266 and tight timing 2-2-2-5. But still it fails memtest. I'm posting now with DDR SDRAM 1024 DUAL Performance enabled 167 1:1 2-2-2-5 at v-core 1.70. It fails memtest either.
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Did you disable legacy USB support in your BIOS? That seriously messes with Memtest and produces lots of false errors.
What exactly does 'performance' option(auto, standard, turbo) mean? Also 'memory accelleration mode' (enable/auto)? Corelation between these two? Thanks

On my board ram timing options are sets of 3/2.5/2, 2/3/4, 2/3/4, 5/6/7/8, 4/8. Is 2-2-2-5-4 is tightest combination?

If I disable legacy USB, doesn't it disable normal USB functions(2.0)?
Nope, USB 2.0 works fine with legacy (read: old) USB support disabled. If you need legacy USB support, disable it temporarily to get Memtest to work and then enable it after the tests are complete.

2-2-2-5 is the tightest timings commonly available. The final number (burst length) runs best with a higher number. I personally leave all of the RAM performance stuff on auto and just manipulate the timings and vdimm manually.
It took two nights to test most combinations with memtest. It seems that in my case (P4P800 DELUXE + Northwood 1.8A), the highest stable limit is around 2.8. It could reach 3.02 but apprently not stable under my system.

Right now, I run on FSB 156 to 2.84. Memtest showed no error beyond 1700%. Current setting is as follows;

FSB 156
Dual Channel (Physically DDR400 512 X 2 PDP system pc3200)
DDR 266 (Manual)
Performance : Turbo
V-core : 1.6
Ram Timing : 2-2-2-5-8
Memory Accelleration Mode : Enabled
FSB:RAM = 1:1

CPU-Z validated

Through my tests, I found that DDR voltage and AGP volatge doesn't make difference. But v-core really affects stability.

I might get higher than current setting once I raise v-core more (upto 1.8). But I'm not sure whether 1.8 might burn CPU. Any comment on it?

Last thing which I haven't had a chance to test is PSU. I use my old P3 PSU (200w) with P4 adapter cable(12v) which might have affected stability my OC test. Does it make difference?

Concerning CPU temperature, I actually didn't take that much care since it didn't go up that high, even with FSB 168 (under 38).

I also tested both single channel and dual channel but found no difference in terms of getting maximum satable edge.
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PSUs do make a major difference, but a 1.8 isn't a particularly power hungry CPU. If/when you build a new system with overclocking in mind, a higher end PSU would be a good investment.

Vdimm also does play a major role in overclocking, but since your RAM is still underclocked, you won't have to mess with that setting at all. Just be sure not to discount the importance of vdimm when overclocking future builds or if you decide to pump up your RAM speed in your current build by use of a divider (which I definitely suggest once you have the CPU maxxed out as it may increase performance).

I've never personally messed with AGP voltage. I have occasionally seen people bump it up a notch when heavily overclocking a GPU, but it doesn't come into play too much.

Those older CPUs tend to run pretty cool, so your experience is in line with the norm.

Good work on your OC.
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Thanks a lot. I'll stick to current setting for a while.
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