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Need help on purchase off ebay from China

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I recently purchased this battery grip for my 550D. Now due to my negligence i purchased it without even thinking. The seller is from Hong Kong and the battery grip is significantly lower than what it would sell retail. So i'm wondering, did i get duped? I've already contacted Ebay and they said they will investigate the user. Can i also dispute it if i do receive a knockoff? Thanks.
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There is a chance it could be a knock off at that price. Check the colors and fonts of the lettering when you get it and compare to your camera.

I don't think that BGs get serialized but worth checking for it. Im pretty sure they don't though.

Also google images of the box and compare to the one you got. They often get about 90% right but miss details or spell stuff wrong.

That being said for what you paid if it looks good and works well I might just use it. There are knock off brands that make grips that are rather popular, this one just might not be as up front about it
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