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Need help on were to move my loop to

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Ive just stripped down my PC and sprayed the inside of my Antec 900 mat black and it looks awesome

Im waiting for my Zotac 260GTX, should be here by the afternoon

My new UV Toxic green fluid should be here tomorrow, now whats the best way to flush out my loop as it has UV black fluid in it ATM?? I have some anti corrosive stuff left over, can combine that with some tap water and just flush it out that way?

Now im very very tempted to mount my 360 rad in the front of my case BUT as its a 900 i wont have any drive bays left over for my HDD and Blu-Ray drive. which leads me to my second question, is there any funky mounting positions for a HDD in the 900 that i havent thought of? And is there some sort of external caddy available for DVD drives? Simular to the external caddys you can get for HDD's?

Cheers in advance
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I thoroughly flush each component in the loop with a mixture of 90% distilled and 10% vingear. I wouldn't use tap water as there are all sorts of contaminants in it that could get left in the components...
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