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Need help overclocking 3200+ venice

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I just recently built a computer with the following specs:
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice (2.0 GHz)
ASROCK 939Dual
Sapphire Radeon X550
(2x512) 1GB Corsair Value Ram CL3
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value

Last night, I overclocked it to 2.21 GHz with FSB set at 220MHz and multipler 10. I did not change any RAM settings. It was kept at DDR400.
Everything seemed to be running OK until I started copying a DVD on my DVD burner. My computer reset in between. It happened twice. I monitored my CPU's temperature just before it reset and it was 39 C.

Now the important thing is that I have a 380W power supply. Is this too low? Is that why it reset? My max voltage I can give to the CPU with this motherboard is 1.45V.

Can someone please help me with this? I would like to have my CPU running at 2.4 GHz. What settings should I use?

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Originally Posted by bloodynri

if my RAM is CAS LATENCY of 3 can I manually change it to 2.5 in the BIOS? I'm a bit confused. Some people say HTT = 4, some say HTT = 250 MHz are they doing HTT*FSB ?

OK... the HTT is like the FSB of the older MBs.
The HTT will increase both the CPU and RAM's buss speed.

HTT relative to the RAM.
It, the "LDT" uses a 5x default, the HTT is 200MHz default so... LDTxHTT=
5x200=1000 You want to keep below 1000
when upping the HTT the LD is reduced
201-250 use an LDT of 4x
251-333 use 3x
You can up the LDT (Memory Controler) voltage 0.1, 0.2 and some MBs have 0.3v

On the PS.. you will probably need a more powerful PS...
DO NOT go by "Watt" rating alone!!!
To get higher speeds from the RAM you can increase the vdimm. 2.7 is safe for any RAM and most are ok with 2.8v

On the CPU voltage. Regardless of what you use, WATCH your temps and keep the Full Load max at or below 50c!
Not knowing what FHS you have... the stock unit should be ok with the vcore upped to 1.5v

Please got to your "Profile" via the "USER CP" @ top of page and put your system specs in there, it helps us help you!
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