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Need help overclocking 3200+ venice

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I just recently built a computer with the following specs:
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice (2.0 GHz)
ASROCK 939Dual
Sapphire Radeon X550
(2x512) 1GB Corsair Value Ram CL3
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value

Last night, I overclocked it to 2.21 GHz with FSB set at 220MHz and multipler 10. I did not change any RAM settings. It was kept at DDR400.
Everything seemed to be running OK until I started copying a DVD on my DVD burner. My computer reset in between. It happened twice. I monitored my CPU's temperature just before it reset and it was 39 C.

Now the important thing is that I have a 380W power supply. Is this too low? Is that why it reset? My max voltage I can give to the CPU with this motherboard is 1.45V.

Can someone please help me with this? I would like to have my CPU running at 2.4 GHz. What settings should I use?

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hey there good pick i have nearly the same componets and have had some trouble overclocking i had my asrock sitting at 2.35ghz with out the volt mod ill give you a screen shot and my settings they should work
also turn of cool and quiet and DONT DOWNLOAD THE NEW BIOS USE 1.2 OR OCWBENCH BETA 1

put you multi to 10x and vcore to 1.45v

your ht/fsb = 230 then check if it is stable with prime for 10mins then up it 5mhz until it is unstable and drop 5mhz

your htt= 4x which is 800mhz /16bit do this for the nb and sb as well

your vdim on same menu as ^ set it to high =2.7v

for your ram put it on a divider of =166 seeing you have value ram the same as me lol but you cant clock that ram any higher than
215 i have herd so try those setting out and email me if any trouble ill help ya all the way

also my ram timmings are slow here but thats because i needed to reflash my bios as something happened dunno but it works fine know should be higher than that also i read a couple of people have had 2.4ghz with out the vmod i carried out the vmod and i have mine at 2.5ghz


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Originally Posted by bloodynri

if my RAM is CAS LATENCY of 3 can I manually change it to 2.5 in the BIOS? I'm a bit confused. Some people say HTT = 4, some say HTT = 250 MHz are they doing HTT*FSB ?

Hi, here's a screenshot of my CPU-Z screen. My voltage changes alot from 1.440 to 1.480. Is this ok?
i'm a noob. Can you guys see if these settings are good? My system is stable. I tested it using prime95.
If you guys have any suggestions on improving this please let me know.

By the way, in the BIOS, my CPU to LB speed is set to Auto. Is this ok?
Thanks a WHOLE BUNCH !

my voltage flucuates like that as well and so does my fsb thing its fine

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hey here is my other thread i started on the 3200+ check out some of the overclocks and there is a guy that got 2.4 on 1.45v lol lucky him and after reading your post you already have 2.4 stabel lol sry for all the stuff i just wrote but have a look should help ya im sure it will

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