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I finally had time to start overclocking on the Sabertooth board in my sig rig. When this chip was in my old board (Asus M4A89gtd pro/usb3) I was able to overclock the NB to a stable 3000MHz. With the Sabertoooth board any change in the NB, even a small overclock of 200MHz, results in a hard reset and no post.

The CPU overclocks better than it did on my old board, but any change in the CPU/NB frequency = fail. With the CPU stock, and the RAM down-clocked to 1333, I raised the CPU and CPU/NB volts incrementally up to 1.45 on the CPU, and 1.35 on the CPU/NB. The result was always the same hard reset to no post. I also raised my DRAM voltage to 1.67 with no change.

Here is a screen shot of my configuration on the M4A89GTD pro/usb3.


I may be missing something obvious in the UEFI Bios, but frankly I am completely out of ideas.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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