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Need help overclocking Q6600 above 3GHz on ASUS P5QL/EPU

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Just recently upgraded to a new mobo ASUS P5QL/EPU and tryed to do some overclocking.

Since the board support's 1600 FSB and my Q6600 is running 1066 FSB by default I tryed to set it to 1420 FSB (3.1 GHz).

First of all windows didnt load. I then upped the Vcore to +150 mVolt. After that windows booted up but gave a BSOD instantly because my RAM oc'ed along with my CPU. k so I lovered the RAM frequency and booted again. Everything worked fine then I decided to update the windows PC rating so I launched the program and launched CoreTemp to see how it runs. Thats when I saw that CPU temps went up to 80 C (only on the first core, other 3 cores stayed at 70-75 C wich is still high I think).

Despite the temps I tryed to run RE5 Benchmark. I saw that my FPS went drastically up and all was well for about 5 min and then it froze and I rebooted.

I'm still a noob at oc but I just dont get it why are my temps that high!? I installed the CPU correctly, paset some thermal greece on it and installed the CPU cooler as it should be. plus why did it freeze at 1420 FSB if the board supports 1600 FSB.

On my previouse board ASUS P5N73-AM witch doesent support Q6600 G0 & bad at Quad Core overclocking ....oc'ed to 2.9 GHz and the temps stayed at 50-55 C with same cooler.

Here is the docementation to my current P5QL/EPU mobo wich contains pictures of the bios.


plz help me out on this.
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I know you said you seated it properly but I would recommend to try and reseat it again. 70 to 80c is to hot for such a mild OC. Are all of your fans working or plugged in? How is the airflow in your case? The Q6600 is a good chip for OC'ing and here are the technical specs from Intel. Also when you reseat the CPU make sure you dont pull up on it once you make contact with the heatsink because you have a chance of creating air pockets in the TIM which hinders the dissipation of heat from your chip.

the thing is that on stock clock's my temps are fine... as they should be(39-50C) maybe I oc it the wrong way or smth???

k will try to reinstall the cooler
What is your RAM set at? If possible could you post a screenshot of your BIOS to better diagnose your problem. Thanks.
Sorry but I cant post a screen of my bios.dont have a cam.but in the first post I gave a link to my mobo documentation in witch there are pics of the bios and the settings.

I cant seem to find a way to unlink my CPU from my RAM FSB. They are linked always.

RAM frequency is selectible in stock bbetween the 3 values: 667; 800; 1066

And as I raise my CPU FSB those values increase acordingly. so as I oc the cpu aftervards I select the lowest of the ram values.

reinstalled the cooler and I think Im running 4C less now on stock. I think I have putted to mutch thermal paste in the first plase...
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Okay, thats good you got your temps under control, good job. Now as for the RAM you are correct that it is linked to the FSB so you must underclock it at first until you reach a threshold on your CPU so you dont OC the RAM to much and BSOD. Let me check out the BIOS options in the link you gave me and I will try to guide you from there.
Okay, it looks like you dont have much room to work with on the RAM settings. First off if you havent disabled C1E I would suggest that you do so now. Also check the specs on your RAM and set the voltage, and timings manually to spec of what the manufacturer suggests. I would also update your BIOS to the latest version if you havent already done so. Do the update of the BIOS first and then work on the rest and then post back here when you are finished.
"you must underclock it at first until you reach a threshold on your CPU so you dont OC the RAM to much and BSOD" dint quate catch youre thought... :/

I hope you understode the way my CPU and RAM frequences are linked.

FSB 1066= 667;800;1066 RAM
FSB 1384= 868;1000+;1200+ RAM

thats how it works for me and I always select the lowest.
k so Ive disabled C1E and set the RAM spec's manually to dwefault. now what?
Im sorry if I didnt make sense, what I meant was to underclock your RAM and then find the max clock for your CPU, which is its threshold. Now keep your RAM at its lowest and start on the FSB of the CPU until it BSOD's or is unstable, once you hit that spot you need to back off just a little until it becomes stable again. And always keep an eye on your temps. Download Prime95 to test the stability of your CPU and keep a temp monitor open so you can keep an eye on those temps. If its gets to high then abort Prime95 and lower the clocks a tad until you are satisfied with your temps. I have to go take care of some business and I will be back in a couple of hours and will check back on you then. Good luck!
I can set the ram to the lowest setting and all but...as I alter the FSB for the CPU the ram frequency changes automaticaly.

btw can the ram affect the oc process? I have 2x2gb and 2x1 gb of the same ram.
Yes RAM can affect the OC process, your RAM is 800MHz so you want to try and stay under that while OC'ing. Man I wish your BIOS had a memory multiplier, that would make it so much easier. So when you set your RAM to its lowest setting, what is it being clocked at? Also How do you have the RAM in the mobo? You should put the 2gig sticks in banks 1 and 3, and put the 1gig sticks in banks 2 and 4. Are you absolutely positive that the RAM is all of the same spec? Cause one set might be able to handle a higher voltage than the other or they may have different timings.
I cant stay at under 800 coz when I sat it to 667 MHz and set the FSB to 355 and reboot. After the reboot the 677MHz (the lowest that I chosen) raises up to 835 or similar value.

maybe it has a ram multiplyer just dont know where exactly
... where do I check ?

My ram are the same. but on my previose mobo those 2 gb ran at 6-5-5-15 instead of 6-6-6-18 wich is the default. Ill try to take those 2x1 gb ram stick's out and leavejust 4 GB 2x2 stick's. how should I place them in slot 1&2 or 3&4 or 1&3 or 2&4?

one guy at guru3d sayd that his p5k was able to oc well on high FSB and all other on Auto. but he has 3 gb of ram. maybe my problem is in the ram amount?
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Okay, try just running the 2gig sticks(default settings) in banks 1 and 3, you should be able to identify the banks by the #'s next to each RAM slot or sometimes they are seperate colors for each channel. Bank 1 should be the slot closest to your CPU and then skip a slot for bank 3, but keep the 1 gig sticks out for now. The memory multiplier would be located in the Motherboard intelligence tweaker section of your BIOS or whatever your BIOS labels it as (something intelligence tweaker). Though I was looking at your BIOS and didnt see that option so you may be limited to the options they allow you to choose from, but if it does it would be called memory multiplier or SPD. And yes those boards can OC well from what Ive heard, it just takes time and patience adjusting the settings just right.
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When you set the FSB to 333, your RAM will be running at 800 (minimum). Since it's already DDR2-800, going past this will OC your RAM. This means you'll have to loosen the RAM timings and give it some more voltage, and PRAY.

When I had my Q6600 and Q9550 I bought DDR2-1066 RAM for exactly this reason.
k @Voltage_Drop will try to take 2x1 gb and oc.

@error10 my ram timings are 6-6-6-18-52 by default what should I set them to?and just how mutch voltage if they are currently running at 1.8 v?
Wow, with RAM that slow I'd not push it past 3GHZ (333FSB) until you can replace it.
If you are going to raise the voltage I would start in small increments say to like 1.9-2V. Not sure about what you should set your timings to but maybe error10 can offer some advice on this. By loosening the timings he that that you should raise the timings to like 7-7-7-20(thats just an example of what he meant).

Completely agree that you should invest in some faster RAM w/heatsinks.
k step by step:
1)removed 2x1 gb stick's
2)entered bios and disabled: C1E; SpeedStep
3) set AI Tweaker to Manual & set the FSB to 333
4) all other features are on auto (I mean didnt increase the voltage)
5)selected the lowest ram setting wich was 835MHz at 333 FSB

so far in idle I get 44C-42C-34C-35C temperatures at 3GHz with 835 MHz RAM

6)will now set the timings to 7-7-7-20 and try to run windows7 pc rating.
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Im not sure about those timings because I gave them as just an example. Couldnt hurt though I suppose. Everything else sounds good though. All I can say is try to raise your FSB until you reach its limit all the while trying to keep your RAM happy
. Its going to take a lot of playing around with it but you are starting to get the point +rep
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