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Need help overclocking!

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To ensure I start out correctly, here are my system specs:

**HP Pavillion dv6000**
Quanta 30B7 Motherboard
NVIDIA GeForce 6150 Chipset
NVIDIA nForce 410/430 MCP Southbridge
AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile TL-56 Processor
Core Speed 803.7MHz x2
Multiplier x4
Bus Speed 200.9 MHz
Hewlett-Packard F.3D BIOS
DDR2 1024 MBytes RAM
160GB Harddisk

(Let me know if you need more information, I am new to the overclocking concept)

My problem(s):

Quanta Motherboard ( no support whatsoever, at least none I can find)\\
Onboard Video Card ( as far as I know, overclocking is impossible)
HP Bios ( locked BIOS, doesnt support overclocking )

Solutions I have considered:
BIOS Flash
Temporarily Ruled out due to lack of BIOS updates from manufacturer
New Comp
Lack money

To summarize my post in a few questions:

How do I overclock my CPU and/or GPU and/or FSB from outside BIOS (within Windows XP )?
I have tried Rivatuner, SETFSB and several other programs to no avail

Is it possible to have any measure of success in flashing BIOS from different manufacturer than PHOENIX ( they charge for such software, and they will be my last resort)?
I have looked into doing this, and have not found well documented cases of someone doing this

Are there other possibilities I have overlooked or do not know about?

Thanks for help/suggestions. Much appreciated!

Sorry about the title! I thought I had something about "Quanta Motherboard w/ AMD CPU"
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You can't overclock a computer from an OEM manufacturer

Originally Posted by XeRion View Post
It is not very likely that you will be able to overclock a computer from an OEM manufacturer
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For Overclocking - Solution 3: And build your own.



Originally Posted by XeRion View Post
You can't overclock a computer from an OEM manufacturer
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You could try a utility such as ClockGen, but it is likely that many will not recommend it.
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Originally Posted by tindolos View Post
I know theres very few where you can flash the bios to one from the motherboard's manufacturer if it is the EXACT same model. Ive seen a guide on here to overclock an intel by using a pencil mod on the contact pads too, but if you don't have money to replace it if you kill it then I say you should't risk it on an OEM computer.
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Originally Posted by XeRion View Post
You can't overclock a computer from an OEM manufacturer
You can on some like XPS and Alienware or using clockgen. It's just much better easier to just build a new better computer. Are you trying a overclock a laptop?
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I used ClockGen on an AMD TL-52 OC FSB. But 1150m.

HP's like to run hot monitor your temps and stress test w/out OC. Are your temps even OK for OC'ing? Notebook section will likely give better results. You can see these guys as a rule are against OC notebooks. They heard or had a friend or in general having never done themselves have developed strong opinions.

Edit: ntune best advice so far!
Basically, the odds are you're not gonna get much of an oc, if any, on an OEM computer. nTune is worth a try I suppose but honestly I wouldn't get your hopes up. Start saving some money to build a PC and we as a community will be more than happy to help pick out all the components. Besides, half the fun of OCing is building the computer in the first place.
I am not sure all get he has a mobile? A notebook? Build your own? Barebones are not building your own. In the mobile world sure greater limitations but still the same goals and desires just more limited.

Desktop great idea unless one does not want a desktop.
Thank you for responding so rapidly and for the suggestions/answers.

I successfully overclocked my CPU, and am pleased with the results.

My questions are as follows:

Is it possible to replace my graphics card, even though its onboard?

Is it possible to overclock my GPU? NVIDIA GeForce 6150?

I have built a couple desktops for friends, but have never had the money to do it for myself (I have 10000$ in school loans I'm currently paying off)
You can't replace on-board unless you have a free space to put a new graphics card (PCI, AGP, PCI-E)

edit: duh laptop, nvm
You can build a decent 600-700 PC that can overclock quite nicely
Just got to save some dough :/
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yes it is a laptop, i bought it for school, and would like it to work for games such as CS:S, but I get really choppy performance with source
Ya I wouldn't overclock your laptop. The built in fan and cpu heatsink will only have limited number of watts it can dissipate.
You cannot replace or upgrade any notebooks with a 6150 or any IGP and most discrete GPU's also. It is soldered onto the board and no free slots. Notebooks are not modular as desktops are. They simply lack the space and are individually designed to both fit components in tight spaces and address thermal management.

On a further read? You have 1GB RAM w/IGP? I don't care if XP not helping performance. If Vista killing any small hope of any performance.

If XP and IGP 2GB RAM minimum, if Vista and IGP 3GB's.

That will help more than any OC. But once you do sure OC if you want. But monitor temps.

HP's are famous for MoBo failures related to heat (poor design).
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