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So ive never had WC'ing before, my motherboard has been overvolting my I7 to 1.51 volts for the past few years without me knowing due to a motherboard bug, so...when my board gets back I figuer it would be nice to have some watercooling ready for it since im pretty sure my cpu won't last long without it.

At anyrate I need a bit of help picking stuff out, ive been reading the guides and they are very helpful but now its kinda crunch time so

1. Im basicly torn between the EK supreme HF's and the RASA blocks, i heard one report of the Rasa leaking and just looking at it makes me a bit worried, but the price is very tempting. basically the main things im looking for is good cooling, ability to use it on lots of other boards aka truely universal for future proofing, and quality made aka leak proof.

2.I'm a bit lost on the pump and radiator and res, I have a Haf 932 case if that helps. Im also not sure where this stuff is sopposed to mount, i know the Haf is made for watercooling, it kind of looks like the radiator is sopposed to just sit ontop of the case on the endented part? Then there's a little rubber thing you pull out up on the top front and im not really sure what would go there besides maybe a res or flow meter? And ive been reading that pumps have a habit of going out if they arn't installed right, do i need a waterblock for the pump to or how does it need installed?

3. what size tubing and compression fittings should i be using? and if i use that silver killcoil and distilled water is that all i need or should i add anticorrosion stuff?

Oh and im looking to watercool my cpu for now, and as funds arrive add in a gpu block and maybe a chipset one to. which reminds me how hard is it to drain a system like this and/or add in a new block to it?

sorry for all the questions, its just so much information and im running out of time, and my head hurtz for thinking about this stuff
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