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Need help please

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So i went to start up counter strike: source after having my gigabyte 9800 gtx+ running on a mild overclock of about 750/1050 with my shader set at 1875 and i noticed a ton of artifacts. So i closed it out and looked at my clocks and somehow my shader got bumped up to 2220. I attempt to lower it back down to what i had it at before and every time i try to apply it, it goes back to 2220. I've tried multiple applications to attempt to unlink the clocks and nothing has worked so far. I had had the card overclocked for a while now and played many games with it. Has anyone experienced this before and if so do they know of a way to fix it? Any help would be appreciated
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What program were you using to overclock? Rivatuner is a good choice, it has lots of options and profiles support.
Thanks for replying but I have tried rivatuner and the problem is that the shader will not go below 2220 even if I unlink it unless i lower my core. If I attempt to lower it and hit apply, it will go right back to 2220.

edit. nevermind, downdated my drivers and it worked.
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