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I find myself overwhelmed with all the new technology and terminology in Monitors. What happened to the good ole day's when everything was 1280x720?

Kidding aside here are my needs.

I would like 1440p for both.

Her monitor will be used with a Macbook Pro for graphic design.

My monitor will be used for general use (web browsing, movies, gaming).

Budget is the biggest concern. I see a lot of options around $300 +/- 50

For her Graphic Design monitor, I was looking at BenQ GW Series GW2765HT based solely on the wirecutter review.

For my gaming/movie/web monitor, I am a bit more indecisive. With budget being the primary driver, do I really need GSync or Freesync? Do I really need 144hz? I was looking at a refurb XG270HU but didn't pull the trigger in time. Would a Korean monitor fit the bill?

ANY guidance is appreciated.
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