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Need Help Stabilizing Q9400 3.6GHz Overclock

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Hello All,

I have overclocked my Q9400 proc to 3.6GHz. For the most part it seems pretty stable. I have upped the juice considerable to get it here. The only voltages I have modified are the vcore and the dramm.

See the voltages from the BIOS images below...

I am running this on the DFI Lanparty DK P35 T2RS mobo, with 4GB of Patriot Viper 4GB 1066 memory.

THe issue is that after running my computer for most of the day, 12 to 17 hours, with a graphically intensive, online game running in the background, my machine with FREEZE The motherboard "screams" and I can't do anything, not even move the mouse.

I have to hold down the power button until it shuts off.

Could this be vdroop? Should I adjust other voltages?

Any ideas?

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Try upping the core voltage a bit. IF that doesnt help up the VTT and that should do it.
try upping the cpu vtt voltage some
Ok, I upped the CPU VTT to 1.33v. I'll let you know if that fixes things.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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