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Need help testing minecraft server please. :)

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I'm after doing some testing on my minecraft server to see how many people it can hold before things start going downhill. As I'm looking at potentially hosting some servers for sale.

Its just a vanilla server running the latest version of minecraft so if anyone could spare a few mins of your time to just come on and do whatever you would normally do on minecraft that would be great.

No real rules, just don't be an ass.

To connect just go to multiplayer and type in www.diesect.co.uk

Thanks in advance!
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I was MarkZinger. Played for a while then Minecraft crashed. Too lazy to open it again.
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We are trying to build a city so if any one wants to help feel free!
Its going ok, got 8 on now but really would like more people please.
Free Bump.
Killaapple will grief massively if he doesn't get his way
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Thanks for all the help. =]

Server is up 24/7 if any one wants to stay on.
If any one wants to know, 1gb of RAM was enough to host 12 players without any noticeable lag.
CPU usage averaged at about 54% on a single core.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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