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Need help to clock amd athlon 64 x2 dual core 5200+ 2.71ghz

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I am new to clocking... please make it simple

Ram: 2 GB + 8GB flash converted into RAM
Grafics card: Nvidia geforce gt630 2gb ddr3 clocked at 909mhz
OS: windows xp pro service pack3
Motherboard: asrock n61p-s

Tell me if you need other spec information and also how to get it
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drop RAM speed down 1 setting
add 2 notches of RAM voltage
Add 3 Notches of cpu/nb voltage
add 2-4 notches of Vcore voltage
Raise reference clock
i have no idea how to do any of these stuff
If your just going for 2.7Ghz, bump the reference clock to 208Mhz from the stock 200Mhz and your done.
nono now its 2.7(without clock)
Oh it's a Brisbane. Well in that case, bump the reference clock to 208 and see how 2.8Ghz does. Keep in mind, Brisbane's usually top out around 3Ghz on air. On water and with a little luck, 3.3ish is doable.
3ghz is more than fine for me, how do i find referance clock and don`t i need increse voltage and stuff?
The last Brisbane I had (Athlon x2 5000+) got to 3.3Ghz with an H60. Voltage was around 1.55ish, and heat wasn't really an issue. I think the board couldn't hang after 3.3Ghz.

As for finding the reference clock, look in your BIOS. You should see something similar to the pic below:

Some BIOS options are listed differently on certain boards / manufactures. What your looking for would be what says "243" in the picture. This is called the Base Clock, Reference Clock, CPU Frequency etc. That number multiplied by your "CPU Clock Ratio" determines your CPU Clock speed.

Example: 200 x 13.5 = 2700Mhz or 2.7Ghz

208 x 13.5 = 2808Mhz or 2.8Ghz

Keep in mind, any increase to the default "200Mhz" reference clock increases your Hyper Transport bus, NB Frequency, PCI-E frequency as well as your Ram frequency.
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