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Need help trying to find LED pulser

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I am having some panels made for my case and one panel is going to have 2 x 5 SMD led strips in (like the bitfenix ones) i am trying to find something that would be suitible to pulse these... something like this PCB in this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmLpDx61u5Q

The PCB in the video would be perfect with the little knob to control the pulse ect. I am in the UK but buying from overseas shouldn't be a problem if i had to.

Does anyone know what sort of this would be suitable for this?

Hope someone can help!
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Just make your own. It is a very simple project and the parts are easily available and cheap.

Did a quick google search for a tutorial (pictures are infinitely easier to understand than me describing it, after all).
Found this:

It uses the same parts that I would choose and is well explained. You don't have to make your own PCB. You can get predrilled, ready to use boards in various sizes. Generally referred to as perfboard.

If you want to avoid soldering completely (although it is very easy), you could even use breadboard (solderless prototyping board). You can get some pretty small ones very cheaply. Just stick in your components an give each a "leg" a little drop of hot glue to keep it in place.
Since every part except the potentiometer (which you will likely not put on the PCB anyway) is solid state and doesn't produce any heat to speak of, this method should work just fine.
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