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need help,vista high cpu usage

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Ok so im trying to fix my friends computer, its vista and i have no idea what to do. Its very slow and the cpu usage is all over the place, and the physical memory usage is always above 800MB. Also the weather sidebar doesnt seem to update. He uses the computer for work and has TONS of pictures, adobe stuff, and a couple big programs. Also he purchased it from a store so there are tons of unused/unwanted programs on here. I was woundering if anyone could give me a couple ideas on how to clean it up/speed things up.

- Genuine Intel CPU T2250 @ 1.73GHz
- 32 bit
- 2GB of ram
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Open Performance Monitor and see what's using resources.

Originally Posted by BlackOPSoc
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backup his critical data and reinstall windows

Yes, that's the best way. I'm sure there's a few small fixes you can do, but nothing speeds up a PC like a re-install of the OS.
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The RAM usage seems to be pretty much on par with Vista. I know on my machine right after boot there is about 1200MB of memory in use (and that is after stripping startup services in msconfig). I wouldnt bother with reinstalling but check the processes in task manager as ducky suggested and see if anything can be ended. You might also want to go to the start menu and enter msconfig in the search/run field. From there you check the startup services list and see if anything can be unchecked.

Dont worry about the windows services, but anything adobe, google or anything else that sounds unnecessary until manually launched can be unchecked. You might also want to go into the boot tab of the config screen and under advanced boot options sent the numproc value to 2.
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